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Thank you for taking time from your busy life to view my work and learn a little about me and my photography….


Father, Husband, Friend, Photographer, Cook, Story Teller, Coach, Fire Builder, Fly Fisherman, Knot Tyer, Map Reader, Explorer, Adventurer, and a person who makes an effort to be a decent Human Being. I have a love for the great outdoors and the beauty I find there.

My Photographs:

I am a self taught photographer with over 12 years experience. I have photographed many subjects and used many different techniques over that time, but prefer a more simplistic approach to taking photographs. Natural light, my camera and an instinctive eye for a scene that will capture the viewer’s imagination. My post production techniques remain simple as well. I use Canon software for RAW conversions and an old copy of Photoshop for my digital darkroom. My HDR images are processed through PhotoMatix.

All of my photographs found here are for sale as prints.

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This website is dedicated to my Landscapes and documentary work.


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